Our core values are the things we embrace as the centerpiece of the way we do business and the way we serve you.

Diversity. Publicity. Community.

They drive us and compel us to work for you to get optimal results.


Crown Communication Group utilizes a functional organizational structure. Our operations are centered on job functions, such as marketing, research, promotions, events, outreach, education, engagement, development, and finance. 

Our customized approach gives our clientele the benefit of tailor made services that suit their company goals and mission. We are job specific! Each project has its own unique characteristics and deliverables and our team of dedicated professionals create a project strategy that fully embraces the vision of our client with our ability to deliver an exceptional full service marketing platform.

CCG is fully engaged from the top to bottom. 

CEO, Ericka Dunlap is directly involved in all phases of a project. She may have a project director, a community engagement specialist and graphic designer in the marketing department. They would report to the project director and the project director would in turn report to the CEO. In addition, each specialist may have an analyst or designer reporting to them. Our functional organizational structure works well because we are heavily project-focused. 

Directors can assign certain projects to managers, who can then divvy up tasks with their specialist and analysts. The department can then more effectively meet their project deadlines.Timely response to all inquiries is mandatory and should receive a follow up communication within 3-business days. Clients are also given a direct line of access to the project manager or Ms. Dunlap 24-hours 
a day/7 days a week via phone, text or email, including holidays or weekends. Inquiries and responses are documented and archived in a project file. 

Ms. Dunlap and her project managers are in constant communication via phone, text, email and monthly reports. In the event of an emergency, CCG is available to respond to all client inquiries immediately.


CCG knows the bottom line is crucial in the success of a project. 

Our methodology to control costs is effective and flexible. We believe all contracts with vendors should be routinely monitored and renegotiated. This almost always results in discussion of renewal and lower costs from the vendor. We also discuss production costs with customers, who often recommend ways to reduce costs. 

Customers can have insight to their organizational needs that show us how to take wasted steps out of a process, get rid of costly services or items and replace them with some that are more profitable. It can all affect the bottom line. And finally, we ask vendors to hold their inventory until our customers need it. 

This reduces overhead and lessens expenditures until needed. Open communication, accountability, quality control, and fiscal responsibility is how Crown Communications Group, LLC manages to control cost, increase profitability and grow a business. 

We are inclusive in all phases of project development and create a strategy that integrates our client’s technology, information systems, goals and initiatives.
Whether you are a Miss America enthusiast, Amazing Race fan, or
simply find yourself in need of 
business-changing PR and brand consulting, Ericka would love to
hear from you.


Enhance. Empower. Engage.

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